[ENG] TTRPGs designed by Poles but in English

This is incomprehensive list of TTRPGs designed by Poles, but in English. I've included English translations of games primarly released in Polish. I define "an author" as a person, who was signed as an author, designer or co-autor of a given title. No copyediting, layout, art or consultations, sorry! Order of the list is chronological … Czytaj dalej [ENG] TTRPGs designed by Poles but in English

RPG Design #1 – Rust in „October Rust”

I decided to write some thoughts about, what challenges and problems I've met, on the way of designing my TTPRGs. At first, I'd talk around my first game, October Rust. This post and the second one incoming. First topic: Why "Rust" appeared in "October Rust"? Where that name came from? The Context I wanted to … Czytaj dalej RPG Design #1 – Rust in „October Rust”

[ENG] Traditional & Non-Traditional RPG

Since at least dozen or so years, a discourse about "mainstream" and "indie" TTRPG exists. Mostly about publishing; and in my opinion, those labels only describes methods of publishing stuff. But it started to be used as a way to describe TTRPG games as a whole. I raised a question. How to compare seemingly "indie … Czytaj dalej [ENG] Traditional & Non-Traditional RPG

[ENG] How to play TTRPGs By The Book?

I always was hooked by content of game instructions. About what is that game? How to play it? What are things to fiddle it? The thing which hooked me into TTRPGs was a written walkthrough for Icewind Dale 2 videogame. I read over there about a tabletop roleplaying game called "Dungeons & Dragons 3e". Anyway. … Czytaj dalej [ENG] How to play TTRPGs By The Book?

[ENG] Collection of mechanics in TTRPG

Hello, TTRPG enjoyers! This is a collection of many mechanics from various TTRPGs. Those procedures, moves, activities, ephemeras and other mechanics. Actually those lists are inspired by game mechanics Wikipedia entry (for board games). Indeed, I aimed for similar breakdown. For a reference: I don't name all ruleset of a game as "mechanics". Here's the … Czytaj dalej [ENG] Collection of mechanics in TTRPG